Moneybookers Helped Me Settle In Canada

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Wide Choice Of Canadian Online Casino Options

Well, I can’t say that my move to Canada was traumatic in any way everything went very smoothly and luckily for me I have a lot more spare time in my new job. As a result, I started playing more online casino games, and have found a good range of different Canadian online casino choices, I then started looking for the best and most efficient way to place bets. Because of my recent move, I was very concerned about internet fraud and hackers finding out all of my new banking information and of course address and personal details which is why I was looking for a third-party deposit option.

Easy Registration With Moneybookers

After doing some research and asking some of my new friends in Canada, my conclusion was to use Moneybookers for all my Canadian online casino deposits, and from the first day, I have not regretted my decision. It is very easy to register with Moneybookers which can be done online directly. All of my personal information stays just that, personal. One thing I did have to make sure of when filling out the registration forms online is that I used the same email address for the Moneybookers registration that I use for the Canadian online casino. Once registration was complete I was able to transfer funds to my new Moneybookers account which has a personal user name and password. I sent a direct bank transfer from my account directly to my Moneybookers account but I know that you can also deposit using credit cards and debit cards.

No Extra Costs With Moneybookers

I was able to deposit my money in the local currency the CAD which meant that I don’t have any extra costs when playing at a Canadian online casino. My money sits securely in the Moneybookers account and whenever I feel the urge to play one of the incredible games that are offered at the Canadian online casino, all I have to do is click on the banking section at the casino and click on the Moneybookers logo to get going. I haven’t found a Canadian online casino yet that doesn’t accept Moneybookers and I have played at quite a few. So as you can see, in terms of my move to Canada, everything has gone smoothly including the amazing choice of online casinos I have to play at and the excellent service I am receiving from Moneybookers which is instant secure and easy to use.